Value 13.8 billion yuan! Ma Huateng contributes stock of 100 million Tecent to become commonweal charity

 Chairman of Tecent company board of directors holds presiding apparitor Ma Huateng concurrently to announce today, will contribute a share of 100 million Tecent, infuse is preparing to construct medium commonweal charity fund, wait for commonweal charity project with the medical treatment that at be in China inland gives priority to, education, environmental protection, and the exploration of science and technology of global forward position and fundamental course.

Regard Tecent company as main author, the commonweal charity foundation that Ma Huateng drove Tecent to establish company of the first Internet of Chinese 2007, organize interactive collaboration with other commonweal.

Come for years, ma Huateng is engaged in commonweal career actively all the time building, participated in the project of different domain, include the children medical treatment, rush to deal with an emergency that fight calamity and environmental protection to wait.

Ma Huateng holds China concurrently to love vice-president of bless charity foundation personally, also be new one of contributive initiator that establish fair collect foundation to love bless future, and one fund director, still be nature protection association (director of China of The Nature Conservancy) (Ma Yun is) of chairman of this association China, initiated jointly with the entrepreneur of domestic enthusiastic commonweal again last year established zoology of peach blossom source to protect foundation, hold the position of couplet seat chairman.

The item that future of commonweal charity fund throws basically will be used at Chinese inland, create the foundation of specific executive project in home according to real need, by the assessment of professional group the proposal goes contributory and right commonweal charity organization and project.

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