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A lot of food that people has now raise establish artificially, especially greengrocery, have a lot of come through be being bred artificially. Carrot also has feral, feral carrot effect and effect are exceedingly powerful, often be become to do Chinese herbal medicine to enter a recipe by the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, use clear hot detoxify, be good at lienal change sluggish. Of feral carrot eat a law to have a lot of, carrot arris is OK also edible, everybody can understand.

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Feral carrot effect and action

One, the effect of wild carrot and action

Wild carrot is pleasant of a kind of flavour, small laborious, the medicinal material of a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with cool sex.

1) wild carrot is one kind is having very pretty good be good at medicine of a kind of Chinese herbal medicine of the lienal action that change sluggish wants ability, at the same time wild carrot also has very good cool liver hemostatic action, wild carrot has very good Qing Dynasty to heat up alexipharmic action.

2) wild carrot is very pretty good a kind advocate lienal empty feeds a kind of little medicinal material, mix to diarrhoea infantile convulsions has profit, at the same time wild carrot still has the very good effect that goes against blood, wild carrot drenchs to blood and guttural gall is particularly pretty good.

Feral carrot effect and action

2, the nutrition of wild carrot and functional composition

Wild carrot of every 100 grams contains protein in the root 2.1 grams, adipose 0.6 grams, carbohydrate 2 grams. Tender Xie Han of wild carrot of every 100 grams is protein 3.8 grams, carbohydrate 1.9 grams, adipose 0.56 grams, crude fibre 0.6 grams, carbohydrate 19 grams. Still contain rich carotene and naphtha, xi of ketone of croton acid, the root of Chinese wild ginger, carrot terpene, carrot alcohol is contained in oil.

3, the usage dosage of wild carrot

The wild carrot that arris takes 15-30g with to be taken orally comes to wild carrot soup of the decoct that add water, wild carrot also is OK of external use, take right amount wild carrot to pound juice besmear again.

Feral carrot effect and action

4, the edible method of wild carrot

(1) is fried wild carrot leaf

Wild carrot is tender leaf 250 grams, refined salt, gourmet powder, chopped green onion, lardy each are right amount.

Xie Qu of will wild carrot is miscellaneous abluent, enter solder of boiling water boiler, fish out is abluent, crowded dry moisture is cut paragraph. Oily boiler burns heat, stir-fry before stewing of next chopped green onion are sweet, put wild carrot foliaceous stir-fry before stewing is fried, join refined salt, fry to tasty, the dot enters gourmet powder, give boiler to be become namely.

Effect: Have subsidence of a swelling, Shanghai noble baby

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Expectorant. This course is right swollen poison, phlegmy cough, the disease such as prurigo has certain curative effect.

(2) is wild carrot coral beans

Wild carrot 300 grams, lima-bean 200 grams, chopped green onion, Jiang Mo, refined salt, gourmet powder, clear soup, salad oil each are right amount.

wild carrot the root goes miscellaneous abluent, lima-bean cleans the fourth; that cuts lima-bean size clean to reserve. Fry boiler to be burned into oil to 67 when becoming heat, scamper reachs carrot of fall out of power the fish out when 6 maturity. Fry boiler to cheer burn heat, stir-fry before stewing of end of devoted chopped green onion, ginger gives sweet smell, throw the carrot man with lima-bean and good blast, refined salt, clear soup again, stew comes ripe sodden, join gourmet powder, install dish1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Become namely.

Characteristic: GreenFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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, red alternate with, color colourful beauty, quality of a material is fragile tender.

Effect: Wen Zhongyi gas, filling marrow increases fine. Emaciated to the constitution, stomach is slow-witted feed little, oedema, phlegmy cough, disappear thirsty, pee is frequent wait for disease to have goodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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dietotherapy action.

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