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Iron element is an indispensable microelement in human body, if iron element was lacked in individual body, can cause condition of other organ occurrence unbalance. And typical iron element is short of the disease that breaks place to cause is anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, in daily life most the method that often absorbs iron element eats a few quantities that contain iron to compare fast food more namely, conduce to element of iron of complement of help human body. But does carrot contain iron in this vegetable tall?

Does carrot contain iron

Contain iron

1, black soya bean. Our country olden all along thinks to eat a beansShanghai night net

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Beneficial, the meeting on most book introduces black soya bean to be able to let person hair blacken, black soya bean is actually OK also heart’s-blood. Of black soya bean eat a law to follow each one be fond of, if be to be in postpartum, the proposal cooks black bone chicken with black soya bean.

2, hair dish. The color that delivers food is very black, not good-looking, but the iron that contains inside hair dish is qualitative taller, with hair dish the soup that boil makes food, can enrich the blood.

Does carrot contain iron

3, carrot. Carrot contains very tall vitamin B, C, contain a kind of special nutriment again at the same time – carotene, carotene is extremely beneficial to enriching the blood, boil boiling water with carrot, it is very good enrich the blood soup drink. Nevertheless a lot of people do not love to eat carrot, the practice of my individual is a carrot extract juice, join honey to be drunk when beverage.

In carrot of every 100 grams, contain protein about 0.61000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Can, adipose 0.3 grams, carbohydrate 8.3 grams of 7.6 ~ , iron 0.6 milligram, vitamin A former (carotene) 17.25 milligram of 1.35 ~ , vitamin B10.02 0.04 milligram of ~ , vitamin B20.04 0.05 milligram of ~ , vitamin C12 milligram, quantity of heat 150.7 1000 anxious, contain pectic, amylaceous, inorganic additionally salt and a variety of amino acid. In of all kinds breed, content of carotene of You Yishen tangerine is highest, all sorts of carrot place contain energy to be in 79.5 dry anxious ~ 133Forum of Shanghai night net

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9.8 1000 anxiousNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Does carrot contain iron

Carrot contains a lot ofa vitamin, have slight and continuously sudoriferous action, can stimulate cutaneous metabolism, promotional blood circulates, make the skin delicate and smooth thereby, complexion is ruddy, to hairdressing be good at skin has original effect. In the meantime, carrot alsoLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Appropriate at the skin dry, coarse, or suffer from hair moss, blackhead, horn to change model eczema person edible.

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